6 Dimensional Self-Healing Gongs

6 Dimensional Self-Healing Gongs

Dear Friends,

Chi greeting from Zhong Shan, China.

I’ve practiced qigong for 50 years and have found that simple movements gets better healing results. I still practice the 6 Directions La Chi gong every day. Actually, 6 Directions means 6 Dimensional 六合.

6 Dimensional Healing Gongs combine all the elements of qigong – spirit, mind, chi (qi), body, breathing, visualization, affirmation into a simple pattern – release absorb 阴阳开合.

Over the years, I’ve taught qigong to thousands of students. Most students begin with the 6 Direction La Chi tape for a 100 days gong. If you have any question about the gongs, please send the questions to me. I love to answer them and share with others.

Again thank you very much for your support.

Much love and chi,

Master Luke Chan