Cancer Self-Healing Gongs

Cancer Self-Healing Gongs

Dear Friends,

Chi greeting from Zhong Shan, China.

I filmed the healing cancer tapes at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center more than twenty years ago (May 9th, 1995.). I have been using the same healing technique during workshops and retreats all over the world.

As taught by Dr. Pang Ming, I must emphasize that it is important for the students (patients) to actively engage in the self-healing process. The students need to practice Chilel (Zhineng )Qigong at least an hour a day to remain healthy.

There are a few key words used by the masters on the tape. They are translated as follows.

发气(fa chi (qi)) heal now, deliver chi, emit chi to facilitate healing, activate the power of chi to heal, to recover.

放松(fang song) relax, release, let go, effortless, at ease, be yourself, trust your own healing power.

化散(hua san) dissolve, go away, melt, soften, evaporate, disappear,  vanish.

消除(xiao chu)eliminate, dissolve, eradicate

没了(mei le) gone, healed, disappeared, evaporated, vanished.

小了(xiao le) shrinking, smaller, going away, softened, disappear now.

加劲(jia jing) more power, try harder, let us add more power, let us  increase the healing power.

好了(hao le) healed, recovered, done, completed, all is well.

I’ve made some long healing videos by duplicating the successful moments of healing. To set the healing qi field, I say, “As you are lying down to sleep or simply relaxing on a safe place, know that you are not alone. All the Chilel qigong practitioners and masters are with you. We all love you.  Now you are surrounded by loving healing chi field. All the masters are delivery loving healing chi to you to dissolve the illness. So let all the meridians in your body open, all illnesses disappear now, and all body functions return to their normal and healthy state.”

You are healthy Now! Haole!

Much love and chi,

Master Luke Chan

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