6 Dimensional Self-Healing Gongs

Dear Friends,

Chi greeting from Zhong Shan, China.

I’ve practiced qigong for 50 years and have found that simple movements get better healing results. I still practice the 6 Directions La Chi gong every day. Actually, 6 Directions means 6 Dimensional 六合.

6 Dimensional Healing Gongs combine all the elements of qigong – spirit, mind, chi (qi), body, breathing, visualization, affirmation into a simple pattern – release and absorb 阴阳开合.

Over the years, I’ve taught qigong to thousands of students. Most students begin with the 6 Direction La Chi tape for a 100 days gong. If you have any question about the gongs, please send the questions to me. I will answer them and share with others.

Thank you very much for your support.

Much love and chi,

Master Luke Chan

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6 Directions La Chi

Dantien Chi Massage

Lungs Chi Massage

Tongue Chi Massage

Tailbone Chi Massage

Chi Breathing

Rotation 6 Directions La Chi

6 Directions La Chi Bend Body

6 Directions Press Up And Down 

6 Directions La Chi Push And Pull

6 Directions La Chi Turn Waist

6 Directions La Chi Sitting Press Up And Down

6 Directions La Chi Stand Up And Down

6 Directions La Chi Tongue Stand Up And Down

Move Body To The Left And Right

Move left leg forward and back

Move left leg forward and move left leg backward

Move Both legs forward and back

Move Both legs To The Left And Right

2 Steps To The Left And Right

2 Steps Forward And backward

Tao Ball Coiling

Open Close lachi  6 Directions