Chilel Qigong Healing Methods

Dear Friends,

Chi greeting from Zhong Shan, China.

Zhineng Qigong (智能气功) was created by Dr. Pang Ming. I was certified as a Zhineng Qigong master (气功师) by Dr. Pang. I used the name Chilel qigong to adopt the Chinese way of teaching qigong to the West, such as I coined the phrase ‘love and compassion’ to describe Zhineng Qigong. Some of the audiotapes from the Huaxia Zhineng Center were directly translated and used here.

I have videotaped all three levels of Zhineng Qigong. Level One: Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method (peng qi guan di fa), Three Centers Merged Standing Method (san xin pin zhan zhuang), Wall Squatting (duan chang), and la chi (la qi, fa qi). Level Two: Body and Mind Method (xing shen zhuang) (but not the xun jing dao yin fa) Level Three: A simplified version of Five Elements (wu yuan zhuang) is presented here.

There is an early version of Dr. Pangs work called Flying Crane Method. I have included this method in this presentation because it is one of the best creations of Dr. Pang.

Much love and chi,

Master Luke Chan

Zhong Shan, China.

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