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Discover Chi in China with Master Luke Chan

Intensive Chilel Qigong private studies with Master Luke Chan

Questions And Answers

Zhineng Qigong Advanced Lift Chi Up Method

Qigong proper sitting posture

Squats demonstration

Qigong How to move elbows to increase chi/qi flow.

How to increase chi circulation to heal cold hands, arthritis

Qigong to heal headache

6 Healing Elements of 6 Directions La Chi.  

How to move the Middle Dantian to increase breathing capacity.  

Do you close or open your eyes while doing Qigong?

Explain 6 Direction release absorb kaihe. 

How to use 100 day gong sheet to motivate you to continue your daily gong.  

Think spiraling or turning, not squeezing balloon while healing or la chi or open and close with hands 含笑花 

How to use release/absorb to activate Internal Breathing of 6 Directions La Chi Gong. 

How to move elbow upward movement in the 6 Direction La Chi Gong. 

Explain 6Direction Inside and Outside movements. 

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